Friday, June 12, 2015


                      I think people shouldn’t kill any animal.

I think people should not kill any animals because there wouldn’t be any
dairy products and there would be no more comfy pillows or blankets. We would have to sleep on hard rocks and itchy pieces of hard mud.

Without things to keep us living when all of the animals are gone, what will there be for us? All there will be is a cat in a grave, with your favorite picture by it’s side.  

So why? Why kill animals? Do you really want your absolute favorite animal to be extinct for the rest of your life? What if everyone kills all of the animals and the whole world goes nuts!! Then soon everyone will start eating each other then soon the whole world would be extinct.

And that's why we shouldn’t hunt or kill any animal.

I am blogging this because I've done really well with the success criteria and that I made some mistakes but then I fixed them all up.

We were learning to write an opinion about killing animals or not killing animals. We had to pick one side, then we had to write about it.

Week 8 - Reading Task

We were learning how to do a feeling chart on how Liam was feeling. Liam and his friend were going to school to see a famous rugby player that went to their school when he was a kid. Liam’s feelings went up until their next door neighbour called for his help. She was 80 years old and she still liked to do the gardening but she still needed a bit of help. Liam and his friend got to school late but they still got to see the all black in assembly. When they got to assembly the all black looked like he was shy, the all black was answering kids questions. Liam and his friend had lots of questions they wanted to ask but they didn't get picked, but they were still happy because they were going to get his signature but no one got to because he had lots of practice to do. When they were walking home Miss Wilding called them over to get some potatoes that she promised, Liam and his friend walked over to get the potatoes and saw the famous rugby player! Miss Wilding told him that Liam and his friend has been helping her for a long time so the rugby player became friends with the two boys.

I am blogging this because I feel that I have done a great gob on my feelings chart.
We were learning to make a feeling chart on how Liams feelings are.