Monday, August 24, 2015

W4 reflection T3

                              This is my week 4 reflection

Learning Superpower
What I Did Well
My New Goal
Learning Buddy
I gave my buddy lots of support when she needed it.

to focus on my work in learning task time.
Time Management
I don’t have anything on the tracking sheet yet but i’m working on my netball task and I'm nearly done.

my new goal will have to be to concentrate on my work other than talking to the person next to me.
Kapa haka

I think that I’m pretty good at knowing all of the songs that we sing in Kapa haka.

My new goal is to learn more of the actions.

*Note: you choose which is the third learning superpower you want to reflect on. It could be an area of learning or something else that helps you learn.

I have chosen to blog this because I think that I have done pretty good on this blog and that makes me pretty proud.
We were learning to do a reflection, a reading response reflection we had to write what we did well and our new goal. We had to do the bottom one by our self and what we did well and we also had to our new goal, I chose Kapa haka because I think I'm a little bit good at it but my new goal will have to be to learn more of the actions.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Holidays term 3

The Holidays.
In the holidays I went to Wairoa to spend time with my seven year old aun-
ty Tiana and my nan.We got to Wairoa at ten o'clock at night,lucky there was a bunch of cozy fluffy wooly blankets at the back.We all were camping outside in the dark with a giant light yellow tent that had a tv a couch and a big bed inside with a bunch of blankets on top.The moon was full and me and  Tiana fell to sleep tired less after having fish and chips for dinner.The sun came up and me and Tiana got dressed got our togs ready had breakfast and hopped in the car,we were going to the Wairoa pools in town with my nan.When we got there we ran inside the pools with a bunch of excitement flowing into us. After my nan payed us in me and Tiana ran in, got dressed and hopped straight into the nice cold shallow water.We spent five hours at the pools,well probably because we arrived there at twelve o’clock because we were too excited.When we got back home my nan cooked us some scrumptious fluffy golden pancakes with melted butter and silky golden syrup for lunch.After we had those yummy pancakes my nan took us to the two dollar shop to buy us some things to play with.She gave us twenty dollars each to buy us some things.When she did me and Tiana ran in with the money and started buying us heaps of cool stuff.Tiana got a light  brown cow girl hat that had a brown piece of string hanging down from it.I got one too but mine was black.We went to go the counter to pay for our hats they were  four dollars.Ching!! four dollars down, we only had sixteen dollars left and we wanted to use it carefully.Ching!!! ching! ching!! went the counter, we bought us lots of stuff to mess around with.I bought me a diary,some scented,some paint and a paint brush. The diary was $2.00 the pens were $1.00 the paint was $2.00 as well and the paintbrush was $1.50.All of that added up to $6.50 so that meant that I only had $9.50 left.Tiana only had $7.50 left but I don't know what she bought.After that my nan thought we can use with a little movie that we haven't  seen yet.She took us to the movies to watch minions and she bought us a chocolate bar a mini fizzy and some popcorn each.After the movie my nan brung us back home,it was nearly 6.00 o’clock and me and Tiana ran inside and started playing games on the phone and started watching programmes on the tv. After a few hours Tiana fell asleep on the couch next door to mine with her arms outstretched.I was watching tv during that boring moment and my nan was asleep in her room.Tiana's snoring was so annoying I had to turn the volume up to 35, after a while I felt really bored with everyone asleep,so thats why I did a prank on her.I went to the fridge and got out some whipped cream and then I ran into Tiana’s room and got her feather behind her draw.When I got everything I needed I ran into the living room, squirted a decent amount of whipped cream on Tiana’s hand and started tickling her on the face.After a few seconds I saw Tiana’s hand move,and then,smack!!! her hand landed exactly where I hoped it would land.Tiana woke up with a creamy face and a very angry emotion.She started chasing me around the house with a broom,she was chasing me like she was going to kill me. That was the perfect way to end the first day of the holidays.                            


Friday, June 12, 2015


                      I think people shouldn’t kill any animal.

I think people should not kill any animals because there wouldn’t be any
dairy products and there would be no more comfy pillows or blankets. We would have to sleep on hard rocks and itchy pieces of hard mud.

Without things to keep us living when all of the animals are gone, what will there be for us? All there will be is a cat in a grave, with your favorite picture by it’s side.  

So why? Why kill animals? Do you really want your absolute favorite animal to be extinct for the rest of your life? What if everyone kills all of the animals and the whole world goes nuts!! Then soon everyone will start eating each other then soon the whole world would be extinct.

And that's why we shouldn’t hunt or kill any animal.

I am blogging this because I've done really well with the success criteria and that I made some mistakes but then I fixed them all up.

We were learning to write an opinion about killing animals or not killing animals. We had to pick one side, then we had to write about it.

Week 8 - Reading Task

We were learning how to do a feeling chart on how Liam was feeling. Liam and his friend were going to school to see a famous rugby player that went to their school when he was a kid. Liam’s feelings went up until their next door neighbour called for his help. She was 80 years old and she still liked to do the gardening but she still needed a bit of help. Liam and his friend got to school late but they still got to see the all black in assembly. When they got to assembly the all black looked like he was shy, the all black was answering kids questions. Liam and his friend had lots of questions they wanted to ask but they didn't get picked, but they were still happy because they were going to get his signature but no one got to because he had lots of practice to do. When they were walking home Miss Wilding called them over to get some potatoes that she promised, Liam and his friend walked over to get the potatoes and saw the famous rugby player! Miss Wilding told him that Liam and his friend has been helping her for a long time so the rugby player became friends with the two boys.

I am blogging this because I feel that I have done a great gob on my feelings chart.
We were learning to make a feeling chart on how Liams feelings are.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

hand art

Here is my hand art,we had to draw our hands on a piece of paper then we had to draw stripes on them,after that we had to draw some on the outside and go over them with felts.At the end we had to color them in with hot and cold colors.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The haunted house.

I am blogging this because I have made a few improvements to it and I think that I have done a good job.

I turn around and in front of my eyes is the most horrifying scene ever  and it was…...A HAUNTED HOUSE!!!  when I  saw that big brown house I almost screamed to death.On the haunted house there are big spider webs that stick to the corners of it. There are big black trees as dark as the night and as big as a pine cone tree. The moon is shining across the whole house,and there are bats flying around the top of it. There are graves of all the people that stepped into that house and quickly died. The gates are wide open for everyone’s entrance of death,on the top of both dark black gates are stone bats that have short  and ugly arms and legs,and they both have horns that stick out of there head and they have ugly mouths as big as two grown ups mouths combined.And there is fog around the house that makes the trees stand out behind  it.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Trench letter.

Dear Family,

As I am writing you this letter I can hear the enemy talking to each other as the others cry as they're sleeping.
Yesterday we were getting attacked by the other soldiers many of ours died trying to get the other soldiers.
‘BOOM!! BOOM!!’ went the guns, taking down everyone in their way. As the fifth bullet came out of the gun, I heard our soldiers helmets dropping on the ground as they were running across no man's land. When the fight was over we buried our fallen soldiers who risked their lives for our land.
After that we had bully beef we don’t really come pass meat all the time we only get canned food and 6 ounces of vegetables a day. Sometimes we get hard biscuits that last us a couple of days. At night we had a massive downpour of water that came up to my knees and flooded the whole trench. After a few hours the water turned into a horrible, disgusting, yucky mud. The whole place is so filthy and cold that I can’t get warm or dry. When the sun came up and the moon came down we had a massive war there were only a few of our soldiers left and I was one of them.

Love from Unique.