Friday, May 22, 2015

The haunted house.

I am blogging this because I have made a few improvements to it and I think that I have done a good job.

I turn around and in front of my eyes is the most horrifying scene ever  and it was…...A HAUNTED HOUSE!!!  when I  saw that big brown house I almost screamed to death.On the haunted house there are big spider webs that stick to the corners of it. There are big black trees as dark as the night and as big as a pine cone tree. The moon is shining across the whole house,and there are bats flying around the top of it. There are graves of all the people that stepped into that house and quickly died. The gates are wide open for everyone’s entrance of death,on the top of both dark black gates are stone bats that have short  and ugly arms and legs,and they both have horns that stick out of there head and they have ugly mouths as big as two grown ups mouths combined.And there is fog around the house that makes the trees stand out behind  it.  

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