Friday, May 15, 2015

Trench letter.

Dear Family,

As I am writing you this letter I can hear the enemy talking to each other as the others cry as they're sleeping.
Yesterday we were getting attacked by the other soldiers many of ours died trying to get the other soldiers.
‘BOOM!! BOOM!!’ went the guns, taking down everyone in their way. As the fifth bullet came out of the gun, I heard our soldiers helmets dropping on the ground as they were running across no man's land. When the fight was over we buried our fallen soldiers who risked their lives for our land.
After that we had bully beef we don’t really come pass meat all the time we only get canned food and 6 ounces of vegetables a day. Sometimes we get hard biscuits that last us a couple of days. At night we had a massive downpour of water that came up to my knees and flooded the whole trench. After a few hours the water turned into a horrible, disgusting, yucky mud. The whole place is so filthy and cold that I can’t get warm or dry. When the sun came up and the moon came down we had a massive war there were only a few of our soldiers left and I was one of them.

Love from Unique.

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